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Stokke Seating Systems

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk

Whether you’re newly in the market for a high chair or ready for something new, Stokke has a high chair option to fit a variety of needs and lifestyles!

Stokke is a Norwegian company that is recognized worldwide for best-in-class products. Starting with the Tripp Trapp in 1972, and expanding to a full catalog of home and travel products for babies, toddlers, and kids. The Tripp Trapp is Stokke’s most popular chair, and has won many awards from over the years for being both functional and classically stylish.

Image Above: Stokke Tripp Trapp Furniture Designer Peter Opsvik

Stokke has expanded their seating options to three different high chairs – each serving different needs for different families!

Now included in the Stokke seating lineup are:

  • Stokke Tripp Trapp
  • Stokke Steps
  • Stokke Clikk
Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk High Chair Comparison
Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk High Chair Comparison

Each high chair is thoughtfully designed, manufactured in Europe, and JPMA-certified for safety.

In this guide we compare various metrics to help you choose a chair including:

  • Useful Life of Each Product with Age and Weight Limitations
  • Product Dimensions and Product Weight
  • Stokke High Chair Price Comparison
  • Colors and Materials
  • Available Accessories
  • Which chair is best for your home and/or lifestyle

A Quick Overview of Stokke High Chairs

You can’t go wrong with any of the Stokke seat options. One of the great benefits of each and every Stokke high chair is the upright seating position of each one. A lot of high chairs on the market today recline backwards, which is not conducive for proper eating, and can be uncomfortable for your little one. This could contribute to poor eating habits and your child developing an aversion to the high chair or dining table.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

The Stokke Tripp Trapp is timeless, and has been a family-favorite since 1972 with more than 11 million chairs sold around the world. The Tripp Trapp is a wooden high chair with a number of color options, as well as cushion designs and accessories to make its style blend with yours – no matter where you put it.

The revolutionary, and iconic design solves a problem of comfortable seating for babies, toddlers, and children. The adjustable footplate ensures ergonomic and comfortable seating, allowing children to be part of “life around the table” and safe eating!

Some key benefits of the Tripp Trapp include:

  • Chair for life with use from newborn to adulthood
  • Solid wood design in beech or oak
  • Can be purchased as complete solution, high chair, or chair
  • Height-adjustable seat and footrest providing ergonomic support for your growing child
  • Variety of accessories including trays, storage, and cushions

Stokke Steps

The Stokke Steps is a 5-in-1 seating system which can accommodate your child’s needs from birth, with the use of the Stokke Steps Bouncer, to childhood as a chair. The Steps has wooden legs and phthalate-free plastic seat which makes it comfortable and easy to clean.

Some key benefits of the Steps include:

  • Contemporary Scandinavian design
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest without tools
  • Easy to clip on Bouncer to use with your newborn
  • Can be purchased as a complete, a high chair, and a chair

Stokke Clikk

The Stokke Clikk is travel-friendly, light, and offers tool-free assembly in one minute. The Clikk comes in a variety of colors and includes FSC-certified beech wood legs, and phthalates-free plastic seat.

Some key benefits of the Clikk include:

  • Travel-friendly, can purchase Travel Bag (sold separately)
  • Optional cushions
  • Disassemble the whole chair for easy and convenient cleaning
  • Ergonomically designed for children from 6 months (or when a child can sit up by themselves) to 3 years (33 lbs)

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk Lifespan

Age and Weight Limits

Age LimitsWeight Limits
Tripp TrappNewborn (with Newborn Set) to Adulthood242 lbs
StepsNewborn (with Steps Bouncer) to Adulthood187 lbs
Clikk6 Months to 3 Years33 lbs

The Tripp Trapp has the longest use of the three high chairs. It can be used from birth, with the use of the Newborn Set (sold in a kit or separately). Once a child is able to sit up on their own, the Tripp Trapp can be transformed into a high chair with a Baby Set and Harness. Once a child has outgrown the high chair configuration, the Baby Set and Harness can be removed and the seat and footrest adjust to make a comfortable seat for your child.

The Steps has the second longest life, being able to be used from birth with the Steps Bouncer (sold separately) until childhood/adulthood. The weight limit is lower than the Tripp Trapp – 187 lb weight limit compared to 242 lbs – but still guarantees a long, useful, life.

The Clikk is most comparable to traditional high chair weight limits and longevity. It can be used from about 6 months, or when your child can sit unassisted, until your child reaches 3 years or 33 lbs.


Longest Lifespan Winner: Tripp Trapp

If you value your high chair investment based on usability, the Tripp Trapp is the clear winner. You can use it from birth with the Newborn Set to adulthood. Your child can use this long after a high chair as a chair for a desk, or you can even keep it around the house as a spare dining chair for guests.

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk Specifications

Product Dimensions and Weight

Product DimensionsProduct Weight
Tripp Trapp31.1″H x 19.3″L x 18.1″W15.4 lbs
Steps27.95″H x 24.01″L x 16.92″W10 lbs
Clikk32.5″H x 27.2″L x 22.1″W8.3 lbs

The Stokke Clikk is the lightest of the three Stokke High Chairs – which makes it the most portable! Even as the lightest, the Clikk’s wide stance gives the Steps and Tripp Trapp smaller footprints. If you’re concerned about small dining spaces, the Tripp Trapp would prove to be better fit. Being made of solid wood does put it at the heaviest.


Small Space Winner: Tripp Trapp

Coming in at 19.29 inches long, the Tripp Trapp has the narrowest footprint so it will stick out from a dining table/seating area the least.


Lightest High Chair Winner: Stokke Clikk

The Stokke Clikk is by far the lightest of the three Stokke high chairs. If you’re moving your chair around a lot or looking to bring it with while you travel, you can’t beat the Clikk.

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk Prices

While the Stokke Clikk is, understandably, only available in a high chair configuration, the Stokke Tripp and Steps are available to purchase in a couple of configurations including as a:

  • Chair only
  • High Chair (includes baby set/harness)
  • Complete (includes baby set/harness/tray)
Chair PriceHigh Chair PriceComplete Price
Tripp Trapp$199$269$349

The Steps is overall the most expensive high chair across all categories. The Clikk is the least expensive, and the Tripp Trapp is right in-between.

There are some savings to purchasing the Complete bundles for the Tripp Trapp and Steps, a savings of $47 on the Steps, and $27 for the Tripp Trapp. The Complete bundle options can be more limited with cushion options and tray colors, however, so many parents may choose to build their own bundle and purchasing separately!

Prices current as of 4/28/2022.


Most Affordable High Chair: Stokke Clikk

The Clikk is the total high chair package coming in at $100 less than the Tripp Trapp and and $160 less than the Stokke Steps. Plus, it comes with a tray!

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk Colors and Materials

Stokke high chairs are made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials, and available in a variety of colors. The Tripp Trapp is available in beech wood and oak wood, while the Steps and Clikk high chairs have beech wood legs and plastic seats. Both beech and oak are known for their durability and beautiful wood grain. The varnish used to treat the wood on Stokke high chairs is free from formaldehyde emissions and contains no harmful substances.

Tripp TrappBeech Wood or Oak Wood
StepsBeech Wood Legs or Oak Wood Legs, Plastic Seat
ClikkBeech Wood Legs, Plastic Seat

Stokke High Chair Colors

Of the three high chairs, the Stokke Tripp Trapp offers the widest range of colors to match any tastes—from neutral colors like natural, browns and grays to brighter options like red, pink, yellow and mint that add a fun pop of color to any space!

The Steps is available in several neutral tones, with different colors available for the chair and the wooden legs.

For additional customization on the Tripp Trapp and Steps, mix and match the color of your chair and baby set, and add one of several cushion designs to give the chair more style and comfort.

The Clikk added three new color options in 2022 and is now available in seven solid Colors.

Tripp Trapp Colors

  • Natural
  • Whitewash
  • White
  • Black
  • Storm Grey
  • Hazy Grey
  • Walnut
  • Soft Mint
  • Warm Red
  • Moss Green
  • Serene Pink
  • Sunflower Yellow
  • Oak Natural
  • Oak Black
  • Oak Greywash
  • Oak Brown
Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair All Colors Around a Table
Stokke Bright Color Options
Trend Collection Tripp Trapp
Tripp Trapp Trend Collection

Steps Colors

  • Natural legs with White seat
  • Hazy Grey legs with White seat
  • Black legs with Black Seat
  • Oak Black legs with Black seat
  • Oak White legs with White seat
Stokke Steps Black and White
Stokke Steps at a Table in a Variety of Colors

Clikk Colors

  • Cloud Grey
  • White
  • Sunny Coral
  • Clover Green
  • Black
  • Midnight Black
  • Fjord Blue
Stokke Clikk Color and Padding Options
Stokke Clikk Color and Padding Options

Colors current as of 4/28/2022.


Most Color Choices Winner: Tripp Trapp

If you’re looking for a variety of wood stains, neutral colors, or bright colors, there’s a Tripp Trapp for you! From light, natural, walnut to Pink, Yellow, and Red!

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps vs Clikk Accessories

There are a number of accessories you can purchase separately and add to your Stokke high chair including trays and cushions, and of course the Newborn Set for the Tripp Trapp and the Steps Bouncer for the Steps.

The Clikk is the only high chair that comes with a tray in its base configuration. The Tripp Trapp and Steps only have a tray included with the Complete bundle. Seem a little weird? This is because most European parents opt to bring baby directly to the table instead!

Tripp Trapp Accessories

  • Newborn Set
  • Newborn Set Cover
  • Baby Cushion
  • Classic Cushion
  • Junior Cushion
  • Tray
  • Storage
  • ezpz mat

Steps Accessories

  • Steps Bouncer
  • Baby Set Cushion
  • Chair Cushion
  • Tray
  • ezpz mat

Clikk Accessories

  • Cushion
  • Travel Bag
  • ezpz mat

Most Accessories: Tripp Trapp

With a variety of different cushion options, plus the option to add storage to the back of the Tripp Trapp, it has the most options for convenience and personalization!

Stokke High Chairs for Newborns

The Stokke Steps and Tripp Trapp can be used from birth with the addition of the Newborn Set for the Tripp Trapp and the Steps Bouncer for the Steps. Parents appreciate the added simplicity to their life by being able to easily care for their babies without sacrificing a normal eating routine and family time around the table. The routine of having your baby at the table for every meal before they can even eat will make the transition to the high chair and dining table much easier and more familiar.

Reasons you may want a high chair from birth include:

  • Convenient place to keep your baby close to you while you cook or clean
  • Bring baby to the table with the rest of the family
  • Put the high chair of your choice on your registry!
Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Steps Newborn Attachments Comparison

The Newborn Set (sold separately for $149.99), attaches easily to the Tripp Trapp, but cannot be used as a standalone product like the Steps Bouncer. It can be used until the your child begins to sit up on their own. The Tripp Trapp Newborn Set features include:

  • 5-point safety harness
  • 2 positions with one-hand trigger for angle adjustment
  • Includes toy arm
  • Removable upholstery is machine washable
  • Available in Grey with various cover options

The Steps Bouncer (sold separately for $199.99) can be used by itself on the floor, or easily attached to the Steps high chair. When used alone, the baby’s movements power the springing action to gently and naturally rock the baby, providing a similar sensation to being cradled by a parent.

  • Multiple seating positions
  • Can be used as a standalone bouncer
  • Sturdy base to avoid sliding
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Includes removable baby insert, toy hanger, and shoulder pads on straps
  • Available in a variety of colors and patterns including Grey, Clouds, Mountains, and more

Unlike the Tripp Trapp and Steps, the Stokke Clikk cannot be used until your baby can sit upright (approximately 6 months of age).

Parents should cease using the Bouncer and Newborn Set once a baby reaches around 6 months old, hits a weight threshold for the item or can sit unassisted.


Newborn Attachment Winner: Steps

Being able to use the Steps Bouncer outside of the Steps is a huge bonus! This may save you from making another large purchase for baby gear and is easily stored on the high chair when not in use. Even though it’s a little more expensive, the added benefit of having a bouncing seat justifies it.

Stokke High Chairs for Babies and Toddlers

Each of the Stokke high chairs are ideal for both babies and toddlers 6 months and up. The harnesses and restraints (known in the Stokke world as a Baby Set) are used to keep babies and toddlers secure in their seat. Both the Steps and the Tripp Trapp have removable Baby Sets, where the Clikk has a harness and uses the tray as part of its baby set.

Stokke Tripp Trapp, Steps, and Clikk with Baby Set and Harness
Stokke Tripp Trapp, Steps, and Clikk with Baby Set and Harness

Stokke Chairs for Toddlers, Children, and Adults

When your child is ready to graduate from a high chair setup, you can easily remove the harness and baby set from the Tripp Trapp, Steps, and Clikk and have a standalone seat for your child! The Stokke chair configurations can meet your child’s growth and development better than regular dining chairs as they are ergonomically designed and included proper foot support to promote healthy eating!

The Clikk in a chair configuration can be used the shortest amount of time, but still long enough to seat your toddler at the table for a little longer.

If you’re looking for a high chair that can be used for life, the Tripp Trapp does have the most customization with footrest height and seat depth, as well as the highest weight limit (242 pounds).

Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair Compared to Stokke Steps Chair
Tripp Trapp vs Steps Chair Configuration for Kids

Best Chair Option for Toddlers+ : Tripp Trapp & Steps

While the Clikk will work into toddlerhood, the upper weight limits and customization options make the Tripp Trapp and the Steps better options as a chair children can continue to use at the dining table or even use in a playroom or at a desk!

Which High Chair Will Fit Your Needs?

Each of Stokke’s high chairs have a lot to offer! Whether you need a high chair for a small space, a high chair to match your style, or a high chair that can be used throughout childhood, Stokke has a chair for you!

Stokke Tripp Trapp, Steps, Clikk Features and Specifications Comparison Table

Tripp TrappStepsClikk
Newborn AttachmentNewborn SetSteps BouncerNone
Tray IncludedComplete OnlyComplete OnlyYes
Adjustable FootrestYes, multiple positionsYes, 5 positionsYes, 2 positions
Adjustable BackrestNo, seat depth adjusts without baby setYes, 2 positionsNo
Adjustable Seat HeightYesNoNo
Min. AgeNewborn (with Newborn Set)
6 months
Newborn (with Bouncer)
6 Months
6 Months
Max. AgeAdult36 Months +36 Months
Max. Weight242 lbs187 lbs33 lbs
Baby Set IncludedHigh Chair, CompleteHigh Chair, CompleteYes
Product Weight15.4 lbs10 lbs8.3 lbs
Table Height28-30 inches27.5 -29.5 inches
Color Options1657
Product Height31.1 inches27.95 inches34.48 inches
Product Width18.11 inches16.92 inches22.04 inches
Product Depth19.29 inches24.01 inches27.16 inches
Warranty7 Years (wooden parts)3 Years3 Years

Our Pick: Tripp Trapp

The variety of colors, solid wood design, and lifelong use makes the Tripp Trapp our pick. The chair can last through many children and is the perfect chair for grandparent’s houses since it can be used for babies, children, and adult guests alike! The ergonomic design is a favorite of nutritionists and therapists as well. The sleek design and color choices make it a welcome addition for parents who want to avoid clunky children’s gear and to incorporate an elegant and unique design into their space. If you visit “best of” lists or crowdsource mom groups, the Tripp Trapp name is sure to come up!

Whichever high chair fits your families needs, Blossom is here for you! We have every high chair in store for you to see in person and have all Stokke Tripp Trapp, Stokke Steps Complete, and Stokke Clikk High Chair colors in stock!

If you order online we offer free shipping in the continental US and ship same day or next business.



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