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Tripp Trapp High Chair vs Lalo The Chair

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo The Chair

It’s hard these days to justify purchasing something that will only be used for a few years. This is one reason why the Tripp Trapp has been popular for over 50 years. The Tripp Trapp isn’t the only chair on the market that grows with your child. Lalo’s The Chair is also making a name for itself in this market. So how do they compare?

Looks-wise, the Lalo is most similar in appearance to the Stokke Clikk High Chair, with a molded one-piece seat and attachable legs. The Tripp Trapp has a more unique construction with two “leg pieces” with various slots for the seat and foot rest and cross bars.

The Lalo is also closer to the Clikk in price, considering the Clikk is $179 and the Lalo High Chair is $175.

The materials of Lalo’s The Chair and the Clikk are similar as well, utilizing beech wood legs, and non-toxic plastic for the seat, tray, and footrest.

Tripp Trap vs Lalo’s The Chair Longevity

Tripp Trapp vs The Lalo Chair Longevity
Tripp Trapp Use vs Lalo The Chair Use

We’ve already discussed how we believe the Lalo high chair is most similar to the Clikk, but since many people look at the Lalo and the Tripp Trapp from a time of use perspective, we’ll get into that right away here.

Both the Tripp Trapp and the The Chair can be used as a high chair from when a child can sit upright unassisted (approximately 4-6 months) and until around 3 years old.

The Chair from Lalo advertises itself as a chair that shrinks while your child grows. This is because once they outgrow the high chair, you can remove belly bar, straps and tray, and swap the high chair legs for smaller legs to create a play chair.

The philosophy behind the Tripp Trapp is always having a seat at the table for your child. You can purchase a Newborn Set and even use your Tripp Trapp chair from birth. Sure, once they are ready to transition away from a high chair you can repurpose it at a desk or play area, but you can also keep it at the table. We believe it also earns its keep because it can be kept as a guest chair, sent away with your child to college, and even passed down to your children’s children.

While the Lalo has a high weight limit, the Play Chair height of only 21 inches, and a seat height of 12.5 inches, makes it unrealistic that it will be used past childhood.


Winner: Tripp Trapp

While The Chair from Lalo has extended life outside of a high chair, the Play Chair height is only really good for children. The Tripp Trapp is a comfortable chair for children, teenagers, and even adults.

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo Ergonomics

Tripp Trapp Ergonomics vs Lalo The Chair Ergonomics
Tripp Trapp Ergonomics vs Lalo The Chair Ergonomics

Ergonomics plays a big part in eating comfort, as well as safe eating. Stokke’s Tripp Trapp is ergonomically designed to promote upright sitting with 90 degree leg angle.

The Lalo has a slightly reclined design which doesn’t allow the child to use the backrest while they are actively eating.

Also, the footrest on the Tripp Trapp is highly adjustable, whereas the Lalo’s footrest has two different heights.


Winner: Tripp Trapp

The reclined seat of the Lalo Chair and the footrest only having two positions makes the Tripp Trapp superior for ergonomics.

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo Chair Ease of Assembly

Tripp Trapp Assembly vs Lalo The Chair
Tripp Trapp Assembly vs Lalo The Chair Assembly

The Tripp Trapp has approximately 9 pieces to put together, while the Lalo Chair has about 7 pieces that require assembly.

The Lalo Chair is definitely quicker to assemble, as you only have to screw on the legs and the crossbar and then slide on the tray.


Winner: Lalo The Chair

Since the seat is a unibody design and comes assembled, there are simply far less parts to have to assemble than the Tripp Trapp.

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo Ease of Cleaning

It’s a simple fact of life that high chairs are going to get messy! So which high chair is easier to clean?

Both the Tripp Trapp and the Lalo have cushions that are easily removable and machine washable. The molded body of the cheat on the Lalo might be slightly easier to clean than the very few nooks and crannies that exist on the Tripp Trapp.


Winner: Tie

Both chairs are remarkably easy to clean. The Lalo Chair’s unibody seat design gives it a slight edge over the Tripp Trapp, but not enough to declare it the victor.

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo Availability

Where can you get a Tripp Trapp or Lalo? The Tripp Trapp is available through a large network of retailers and bigger stores likes Nordstrom, as well as the Stokke website.

The Lalo is available on their own site, and through a few retailers. Overall the Tripp Trapp is more accessible, and therefore easier to see a floor model and ask questions about.


Winner: Tripp Trapp

Stokke products are available through a wide network of retailers and boutiques. If sourcing one locally is important to you, or checking it out in person before you buy, you’ll have better luck locating the Tripp Trapp.

Tripp Trapp vs Lalo Price

The Tripp Trapp, starting at $289 for the high chair is significantly more than the Lalo Chair which is $175 for the high chair and $215 for their Full Kit.

Once you add a tray, cushions, and any other accessory the initial investment of the Tripp Trapp can be substantial.

Comparison of Tripp Trapp and Lalo The Chair

Stokke Tripp TrappLalo The Chair
High Chair Age UseNewborn (with Newborn Set)
6 Months to 3 Years
6 Months to 3 Years
Chair Age UseToddler through AdultToddler, Children
Weight Limit Chair240 lbs200 lbs
Table Height28-30 inches28-30 inches
Adjustable FootrestYes, multiple positionsYes, 2 positions
Product Height31.1 inches33 inches (High Chair)
23 inches (Play Chair)
Product Width18.11 inches24.5 inches (High Chair)
16 Inches (Play Chair)
Product Depth19.29 inches24.5 inches (High Chair)
16 inches (Play Chair)
Product Weight15.4 lbs10 lbs (High Chair)
5 lbs (Play Chair)
MaterialBeech wood or Oak, Metal, plastic Baby SetPlastic Seat, Beech wood legs
Color Options165
PriceStarting at $289Starting at $175

Depending on the needs of your family, both high chairs could be a great addition to your home. The Tripp Trapp provides better ergonomics and a longer useful life. If you’re only looking for a chair that will last through childhood, the Lalo is a less expensive options. If you’re looking for an investment that will last a lifetime or more, the Tripp Trapp is worth the extra money.

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